Tungsten Nail Sinkers

Tungsten Nail Sinkers Picture

Nowadays, a popular approach to weighting down soft plastics is the advent of small tungsten nail sinkers to add small amounts of weight internally to soft plastic lures.

Tungsten nail sinkers are thin and nail-like weights insert into soft-plastic baits, like jerk baits, sticks or finesse worms. Tungsten nail sinkers can be used to balance rigged jerk bait for a natural-looking fall. Another option is tail-weighting finesse worms for a tail-first, fall that can trigger hits from shy, following fish.

Tungsten nail sinkers are perfect for adding a small amount of weight to your soft plastic lures. An adjustment in weight can make the difference when conditions on the water change or you want to modify your bait's action. Easily clipped down with standard line clippers, tungsten nail sinkers are an ace-up-your-sleeve. The ability to make quick changes helps you stay one step ahead.

Each active tungsten nail sinker comes with three factors: a sharp tip to penetrate any section of the soft plastic lure, a narrow shank profile to minimize damage to the soft plastic lure and a set of conical barbs along the length of the shank to securely fasten the tungsten nail sinkers into the body of your soft plastic lure.